EMC & Reliability Test Lab & Equipment Introduction


EMC & Reliability Test Lab & Equipment Introduction


Yuan Dean invested a lot to equip with professional EMC and Reliability Test lab, including EMI / EMS / EDS compatibility of professional equipment, in order to provide customers the professional and fast service.

EMI Laboratory-- EMI Test Equipment

EMI measurement is designed to regulate the electromagnetic waves generated by electronic products in compliance with the limits set by the test standards to avoid interference with the normal operation of other nearby electronic devices.

EMS Laboratory-- Electromagnetic Susceptibility Test Equipment

The EMS measurement is designed to ensure that the electronic product itself is resistant to external noise interference, such as static electricity and the extent to which it can withstand lightning strikes.


The main components of the anechoic chamber are the mask chamber and the absorbing material. It is a shielded six-sided box with electromagnetic wave absorbing material inside. It is mainly used to simulate open fields and is used for radiated radio disturbance (EMI) and radiation sensitivity (EMS) measurements.

Thermal Shock Testing Chamber

The thermal shock machine can be used to test the material structure or composite material, and tolerate the chemical changes or physics caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time in a transient environment of extremely high temperature and very low temperature hurt.

Temperature & Humidity Chamber

The purpose of the constant temperature and humidity machine is to simulate the product's adaptability to the product itself under the combination of temperature and humidity in the climatic environment (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test, etc.). Whether the feature changes.

Salt Spray Tester

The salt spray tester is used to test the corrosion resistance of parts that have been surface treated by electroplating, baking, and anodizing. The temperature of the corrosion is accelerated by the salty salt water in order to measure the corrosion resistance in a short time.

Electrostatic Discharge Test Equipment

The ESD test is intended to simulate whether the static electricity generated by the user in a dry environment affects the object to be tested. Whether the IC product is transported to the IC via the IC pin under the conditions of transportation, operation, etc. Internal, causing damage to the IC circuit.

Closed-Loop Wind Tunnel Temperature Chamber/ Natural Convection Chamber

These two chambers could simulate authentic environments, including temperature and wind speed.
In order to make sure each item could function well under different conditions, we testify our parts by these chambers.
With this equipment, we could specify our products' capability more precisely.

EMC & Reliability Test Lab & Equipment Introduction

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