2017 New Product - 96DW-R6 Series DC-DC Converter

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2017 New Product - 96DW-R6 Series DC-DC Converter

2017/01/26 YDS

The Yuan Dean 96DW-R6 series is a new launch of 30W, 1" x 1" DC-DC converter module, featuring extremely wide input range of 4 : 1.

Packaged SIP-6 of only 25.4 x 25.4 x10.6 mm of PCB small space. Heat sink is available to be added for customer's requirement.

With perfect efficiency up to 92% allows operating temperatures to +50°C without power derating; under operation temperature +80°C, the output wattage can still maintain up to 50%.

The best solution for applications in industrial control, electric power, Instruments & communication.

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